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Aruch Hashulchan 496:5 says that it is forbidden for a Ben Eretz Yisrael to eat Chometz in Chutz L'Aretz on Acharon Shel Pesach. ויש מי שאומר דבן ארץ ישראל הבא לחוץ לארץ – אסור לו לאכול חמץ באחרון של פסח בכל עניין, אפילו דעתו לחזור. ונכון הוא, דזה גריע ממלאכה.‏


However Vayikra Rabba 19:6 states that the curse was revoked and Zerubavel was part of the line of King David. I go into detail on this answer at which kings must Moshiach descend from?. Among other sources (besides Vayikra Raba) I point to the Abarbanel and Metzudas Dovid in Chagai and Zecharya as well as several possible lists of descendants into ...


You could try to construe something odd and theoretical in which the question would come up [e.g. you have a commercial bakery in the middle of nowhere], but practically in the case you describe -- you could build a 20-foot brick wall surrounding your pizza store, but it's in a Jewish neighborhood (as kosher restaurants are), so there will be the smells, ...


One may not reuse the Zeroa if it was cooked on Yom Tov since it is forbidden to cook on one day of a festival in order to eat the food on the second day or on a weekday. The Zeroa should be eaten by day since we do not eat roasted meat on the nights of Pesach. However if it was cooked prior to Yom Tov to the best of my knowledge there is no issue using the ...

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