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I believe that the work you are referring to is Chizuk Emunah, "Faith Strengthened" by Isaac Troki, it is my recollection that this was relatively well received in traditional circles as well.


yes it is avodah zarah as G-d is not a person not does G-d take on human form.


The claim that Jesus is mentioned in the talmud, or alluded to through a code name is not new. This website goes through the sources and shows that the premise might be false. The Jewish Press here summarizes some of the ideas in a single essay. Here's part of it: As it turns out, every allegation about Talmudic anti-Christian texts is based on the ...


The commandment of "love your neighbor as yourself" has been interpreted by some to refer only to fellow Jews, but some interpret it to mean we must love all people. See this quotation, for example, from Sefer HaBris: ...

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