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He could try, but I doubt he'd get very far. Rabbi Michael Broyde has written and spoken about this. Unless otherwise specified, we assume agreements are done k'minhag hamedina, according to the prevailing local practice. In the US, at least, employment is generally "at-will", which means a worker can be laid off with not justification needed. The one ...


Poel yachol lachzor aphilu ad chatzi yom. A worker can backout even mid-day. You can't buy people. However you may be able to withold wages, even beyond the missed time. checkout the 6th perek of bava metziah


Very little. The document is not a ritual object; as long as it can be reasonably inferred what was intended by the document. For instance, a ketubah is still kosher if you wrote b'vii b'shabbos -- "on the ourth day of the week", as a reader can gather that was a typo and meant "r'vii", or "fourth."


I was running a raffle (in which the participants did not pay to participate) and wanted to know if I could fix it for a certain person or category of people to not win. R' Tzvi Berkowitz told me that I could not. A Dayan from Lakewood told me that when I give out a ticket, I am giving away a zechus towards the possibility of getting the prize, and it is ...

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