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You cannot argue ownership of the grace period. It does not belong to you, you did not pay for it. So, you cannot practically include it in your rental, you may not rely on it. The bikelord should specify the intent of the grace period to be perfectly clear you have not paid for it (eg. a courtesy for tourists unfamiliar with the area).


Serving as a juror between two Jews in a case dealing with the law of the country is not problematic unless the law of the country in question conflicts with Talmudic or Biblical law. Per Dina D'Malchuta Dina, one is obliged to serve on a jury if chosen as it is a civil duty. Additionally, as the US Government cannot be claimed to be a "Wicked Government" ...


Tosfos (Bava Kama 71a, sv אילו [starts the page before]) writes כיון שצריך לתת לה לצאת ידי שמים...חשיב אתנן ולא מתנה Since he has to give it to her, in order to fulfil his Heavenly obligation...it is considered to be an "אתנן" (and therefore forbidden as a korban), and not a gift. So payment for prostitution (a forbidden service, by all ...


There's a Talmudic principle known as "זכין לאדם שלא בפניו," that one can acquire something for a person, even if they don't know about it, so long as it is something positive for the person. (The opposite rule is that "אין חבין לאדם אלא בפניו," that one can only create a negative situation for a person if that person is present, and agrees.) The Talmud ...

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