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Sh'miras Shabas K'hilchasah, chapter 66, paragraph 58 and footnote 224, discusses riding in a car on a pleasure trip on chol hamoed, as follows. Rav Sh'lomo Zalman Auerbach suggests that it may be permissible even if one can walk, because the m'lacha involved in riding in a car is hav'ara, burning [gasoline], which is permitted on chol hamoed; but he's ...


IIRC it's the text shmiras shabbos kehilchasa that allows you to use an ordinary plunger -- but not a professional-grade one -- to plunge a clogged toilet even on shabbos. So you'd certainly be allowed to do so on Chol HaMoed. As for using a professional-grade plunger ... I don't have a source.


I phoned a rabbi — probably one of the top ten rabbis in my city (a North American city of three million people). He's a charedi Ashkenazi rabbi. He said I can unblock it using a plunger, since it's unskillful work.

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