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According to R. Yosef Karo's uncle, R. Yitzchak Karo, the Sephardic practice prior to the Zohar was like the Rosh, to wear tefilin with a bracha (quoted in שו"ת בית יוסף, תש"כ, עמ' שפה). The Beit Yosef (או"ח סי' לא) cites the Rashba in addition to the Zohar, as the source for the change in Sephardic practice. It isn't clear what Sephardic practice was prior ...


The Ba'al Halochos Gedolos (a Gaon) is quoted as being of the opinion that Tefilin should not be worn on Chol Hamoed (I don't know off hand if that is found in the surviving versions of Halachos Gedolos, but it is quoted in Tosfos, referenced in the comments). So clearly (according to Tosphos) it is a practice that goes back to that time, different in ...


See Shevat HaLevi Chelek 6 Siman 68 at the end where he addresses this question. He brings those that are machmir however he says the pashtus from the gemorah (shulchan aruch and poskim) that carrying on chol hamoed is muter even without any essential need to carry.


Sh'miras Shabas K'hilchasah, chapter 66, paragraph 58 and footnote 224, discusses riding in a car on a pleasure trip on chol hamoed, as follows. Rav Sh'lomo Zalman Auerbach suggests that it may be permissible even if one can walk, because the m'lacha involved in riding in a car is hav'ara, burning [gasoline], which is permitted on chol hamoed; but he's ...


The source is a zohar in Shir Hashirim Chapter 8. When I looked it up it seemed to me that he wasn't recording normative practice but innovating based on his contemporary the Arizal. That would also explain why so many ashkenazim don't wear tefillin on chol hamoed but litvaks and yekkes who were less influenced by chassidus and hence by the Arizal still do.


Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef rules (Yechavveh Da'at 5:37) that she should not repeat it, but must recite the entire 19 blessings including Ya'aleh veYavo that she should have said to begin with. He reasons that since Chazal enacted to recite a full 19-blessing-prayer on Chol haMoed, one does not fulfill one's obligation with only 7 blessings. Thus the initial ...

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