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According to the OU regarding tefillin on chol hamoed: We should take care that we don’t have a situation where some in the congregation are wearing tefillin and others are not as this is considered divisive. They are basing this statement on Mishneh Brurah 31:8 דאין נכון שבהכ"נ אחת קצתם יניחו תפילין וקצתם לא יניחו משום לא תתגודדו. ומי שאין מניח ...


I can pass along this bit of halacha (I will add bold for the relevant part) which I got in my email: Every day of Chol Hamoed we add ya'aleh v'yovo in Shemone Esrei and bentching. In Shemone Esrei it is added in the beracha of Retzei before the words v'sechezena eineinu. In bentching it is added in the beracha of Rachem before the words u'vnei ...


There are important elections now in Baltimore, and the local Rabbonim are encouraging voting on Chol Hamoed (if one wasn't able to utilize early voting, obviously) due to it being a tzorech for the community and other reasons.

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