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"What is the best way to explain the concept of tzniut to a very young (say first grade) girl without explaining sexuality?" The same way you would explain the concept to anybody else: without explaining sexuality. To quote the esteemed R' Alex: This would have to begin with Micah 6:8: והצנע לכת עם א-להיך, "be tzanua in walking with your G-d" (this is ...


See this nice article / pamphlet. Excerpted: We Are What We Wear The Chasam Sofer explains, the reason Rivkah dressed Yaakov in Esav’s garments was to enable him to lie to Yitzchak (to receive the brochos), for clothing influence one’s behavior. In a similar vein, the Amshinover Rebbe explains why Potifar’s wife grabbed onto Yosef’s ...

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