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My father, who works at Columbia received a psak that the University branded calendars and such require geniza because of the logo on the cover. Presumably this would imply it is forbidden to walk on the Name on the library floor. Source: Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser PS I've now identified myself to anyone who knows me already.


NO! Based on the video, which I posted, we are supposed to be אור לגויים Check out this video, it gives many answers to the related topic, and as well to many unanswered questions. R. Osher Baddiel, London: "Was machen wir hier?


I believe that you have unwittingly conflated two separate concepts here. Being an Or Lagoyim is a concept mention three times in Yeshayahu, as delineated and discussed in this excellent Wikipedia article. What seems to come together from those verses, as well as from the broad number of commentators on those sources (ranging from the Radak to Rav Kook, the ...


This article from Arachim discusses the concept of "אור לגויים" in our times. The message of the article, in my words, is: "The concept of "Light unto the nations" means that we should be a symbol and an example of spiritual elevation and elevated and refined human relationships. We stand constantly in, so to speak, the shop window of the world, and we ...


Or LaGoyim is indeed thrown around a lot. But I'm not sure where its source is. The question really should be, from where do we even know that we ever need to be a light unto the nations? Who says? It's a rather disputed idea, just how much we need to spread holiness. Indeed, the question of chilul hashem is a seperate one. But that's a real Halacha. If ...

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