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King David had two pairs of sons with the same name. See 1-Chronicles 3:6-8. But Rashi there explains that the older sons died and he later named his new-born sons after them.


Rashi Kesuvos 89b - Mar Keshisha Umar Yenika says that Rav Chisda had two sons and both had the same name.


Pischei Teshuva Y.D. 116:6 quotes Adnei Paz as permitting it, but then quotes the Adnei Paz's corrigenda as indicating that it should not be done for reasons of Ein HaRah (if both are alive) or inheriting a bad Mazal (if one has passed away). That latter view seems to be predominant in practice (see e.g.).


Rabbi Zamir Kohen (founder of "Hidabroot" in Israel) states in his book "Sefer HaTzofen" ("The Code Book") that Yemenites are accustomed to name their children after themselves (e.g. Yosef ben Yosef) and that there is no technically Halakhic restriction in doing so. It would appear that avoiding doing so is a matter of custom and not Halakhah. Therefore, ...


I finally found the Sefer Lulei Toratcha stories with Rav Shach on the parsha.Parshas Matos 30:4. Rav Shach answered that she should name the child Shmayah since it is similar to the name Shimon and in this way she can be miskayim the neder a little bit.

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