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"What is the best way to explain the concept of tzniut to a very young (say first grade) girl without explaining sexuality?" The same way you would explain the concept to anybody else: without explaining sexuality. To quote the esteemed R' Alex: This would have to begin with Micah 6:8: והצנע לכת עם א-להיך, "be tzanua in walking with your G-d" (this is ...


Actually Halacha forbids a hard Rod. The discussion in Hilchos Talmud Torah is a "retzua daka" - a thin strap - and nothing more, and if it doesn't work the first time, you don't try again.


There appears to be no formalized halachic restriction on how to name a child. One commonality is not to name a child after a Jewish enemy, but I know of no halacha against doing so. (It would be weird to find a Jewish boy named Nebuchadnezzar :-) Besides it being a "nasty" name, it's too long. And, you wouldn't want to shorten it to "nebbish".) Consider ...


No. In fact the gemara gave two reasons for the opinion that there never was or will be a ben sorer umoreh. One, the opinion that his father and mother must be the same height and have the same voice, seemingly impossible. Two, that it makes no sense to assume any parents would have their son killed for the meat and wine he drank. No one is focusing on the ...

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