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Various shiurim and tapes have explained that a chalal is treated a a Yisroel and not a Levite. For example Rabbi Kaganoff gives the example of the son of a kohen who had married a divorcee had to perform a Pidyon Haben on his first born child. The shiurim that I have seen explain the reasoning behind this, but I do not have the explicit citations right ...


Maaseh shehaya. My chavrusa who's wife's name is Faigel wanted to name his daughter Faiga. Now, the Aruch Hashulchan already said they are two different names, Faigel which means bird in Yiddish and Faiga which is a fig. My chavrusa asked me to pose his situation to Reb Dovid Feinstein who I was going to see. Reb Dovid said not to name the child a similar ...

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