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Let's assume you're far down as Cape Town at 33° 55′ 31″ S. Candle lighting on the first day of Chanuka (this year, 5775) at sunset would be at 19:55 and if you wait for night then it's at 20:25. However, one can light as early as Plag HaMincha which will be at 18:25 - that may be the simplest way to get the children involved - light as early as ...


I have seen this done in two ways. First, in one Orthodox school I know of, teachers explain that we are all in Hashem's "army" (I know, many hate war metaphors) whose job it is to do mitzvos, and that we all have a uniform we wear. Boys wear a kippah and tzitzis as their uniform, and girls dress tznius as their uniform. The issue of war metaphors aside, I ...

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