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Here's Rabbi Yona Reiss' lecture (mp3), "Dividing Assets in Divorce Proceedings." He was the director of the Beth Din of America for many years (and now handles similar matters in Chicago), so he's dealt with this practically a lot.


The Sheiltot (R. Achai Gaon, 8th c.) says that although a parent can forgo his honor, he cannot forgo the prohibition against striking and cursing. שאלתות (פ׳ משפטים סוף סא): האב שמחל על כבודו, כבודו מחול, ה״מ כבודו, אבל הכאתו וקללתו, לא. The Minchat Chinuch (R. Joseph Babad, 19th c.), on the other hand, holds that a father can forgo the prohibition against ...

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