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The Shla (in mitzvat tefillin) wrote in the name of the Zohar (Emor) that "le-shem yichud Kudsha Brikh Hu..." should be said, as brought in the siddurim. This is agreed to by the Artzot Ha-chayim (25, Ha-me'ir La-aretz 29) and others (see, e.g., the introduction of the Shev Shematta). In contrast, the Noda Bi-yehuda wrote (OC vol. II, 107 and YD vol. I, ...


Wow! A Lewandowski fan, like me! I thought I'd never find one! I learned and sang some of his compositions when I was part of the Yeshiva Univ. cantorial choir, years ago. I recommend that you contact the Belz School of Jewish Music, as I'm quite certain that someone there may point you in the right direction. Cantor Bernard Beer is still directing it and ...

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