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The black clothes and flat hats correspond to mainstream Satmar Hasidim, whose headquarters are in New York. (Note: just because many Neturei Karta demonstrators dress like mainstream Satmar does not mean that every mainstream Satmar Jew supports Neturei Karta.) The grey, or black-and-white stripe, are worn by some Hassidic sects in and around Jerusalem, ...


The traditional practice in Chabad was to only start putting on Rabbeinu Tam Teffilin with permission from the Rebbe* (basically establishing that they had achieved this requisite level of piety), and typically after marriage. However, the Alter Rebbe of Lubavitch writes in the siddur that "the custom is to put on Rabbeinu Tam Teffilin" basically implying ...


They are still woolen. Since tallitot and tzitziot are under strict supervision, they are (wrongly?) assumed to be safe. Source: My uncle, a Toldos Aharon chassid.


It says very clearly in the zohar that there is no issur of speaking to a dead tzadik auviously it must be a real tzadik wich he undoubtedly was. if a breslover didnt go on rh that would be a lack of emuna in the words of the tremendous tzadik.


The chassidim in communities i know, this means poskim and dayanim, who bishita don't view the mishna berurah as the posek achron rely upon the rav shulchan aruch. This is a general attitude, not limited to satmar.


Hassidim generally wear three types of shirts: A regular white dress shirt. As above, but with reversed buttoning, i.e. right-over-left. Pocket remains on left side of the chest. Basically identical to women's dress shirts, save for the bust shape. A "rebbishe" shirt with three or four differences from the above: 1. The sleeves have no cuff, but instead ...

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