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It says very clearly in the zohar that there is no issur of speaking to a dead tzadik auviously it must be a real tzadik wich he undoubtedly was. if a breslover didnt go on rh that would be a lack of emuna in the words of the tremendous tzadik.


The chassidim in communities i know, this means poskim and dayanim, who bishita don't view the mishna berurah as the posek achron rely upon the rav shulchan aruch. This is a general attitude, not limited to satmar.


Hassidim generally wear three types of shirts: A regular white dress shirt. As above, but with reversed buttoning, i.e. right-over-left. Pocket remains on left side of the chest. Basically identical to women's dress shirts, save for the bust shape. A "rebbishe" shirt with three or four differences from the above: 1. The sleeves have no cuff, but instead ...

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