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In Sanhedrin 92a, there is some discussion on the value of giving out bread to others and leaving behind bread prior to saying the blessings after meals: ואמר רבי אלעזר: כל הנותן פיתו למי שאין בו דעה - יסורין באין עליו R. Eleazar said: Whoever gives of his bread to one who lacks knowledge will be assailed by suffering [...] ואמר רבי אלעזר: כל ...


For Keri a pool can be good enough since it satisfies the Takkanas Ezra, as mentioned above. For Hosafas Kedusha you would need a real Mikva. It is possible to make a pool Kosher. If you allow at least 20 Sa'ah of rainwater to collect before adding the rest, and if the faucet is higher up -- causing the water to flow along the bottom before reaching the ...

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