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women may not wear men's clothing. this question is assuming a particular shirt is women's clothing. If it were to be women's clothing then women could wear it but since the question is based on a false premise then these shirts would stay remain male clothing and no women may not wear them.


When Communist Russia came to power, and Jews were in danger, the Russian Jews (which included Lubavitch) began cutting their peyos short as to avoid distinction, wearing fedoras to cover their kippos, and a long Prince Edward frock coat in place of the traditional bekishe. By the time Lubavitch wound up in the States, these customs were well set and ...


The Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary has Hasid, f. --- די חסידה, ־ות; די חסידתטע, ־ס with pronunciations [KhSÍDE, -S] and [KhSÍDESTE, -S], respectively.


Chossidit is an adjective, not a name. But Chassidist is a name. In Hebrew this name is Chassida. In Erets Israel we say Chassida. But Litayt, not Litaa. (mnemonic: Storks eat lizards, so we say litait because of the Chassida).


For chabad there are specifically some minhagim that the rebbe specifically made public and there are specific reasons for each one for us to follow (not saying I know all of them) and then there are things that the rebbe did himself which we dont need to do. There are those who make a point of copying those things as well as part of their hiskashrus because ...

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