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I was under the impression Nusach Ha-Arizal was the precursor to Nusach Sefard. Nusach Sefard being an umbrella term for the various Chassidic Nusach.


There aren't any websites I know of that would constitute online shopping but if you know your size and what style you want there as requested plenty of places that will ship to you. Here is one that I have used to buy pants and shirts that button right over left... If you call and ask they may even be willing to ...


Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner explains that the yetzer hara has no substance inherently, only that which he has stolen from you where your 'spare' abilities were not utilised in the service of Hashem. Therefore all your feelings are either a glimpse into your soul or a mirror-image of a glimpse into your soul, but nevertheless a portal.


I have seen the rabbanith in Manhattan's Tifereth Israel with a radid, and it was a beautiful sheer or lace veil that was cascading down her back and very wide. It was feminine and had almost (but not quite) a bridal quality to it, but still clearly not a wedding veil. It was also the only time I saw her, and I looked it up and that was how I learned about ...

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