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Easiest solution: Give your dinner host a shavah perutah before shabbos to be a shuttaf in his candles. Since you are now a partial owner, you can be yotzei with their lighting of the jointly owned candles. There are similar solutions mentioned by lighting shabbos candles when you won't be/aren't home, though sources currently are eluding me.


The basic halacha is that one only needs to light one candle per family, which is what people may have been accustomed to doing. Beis Hillel and Beis Shamai are disagreeing over what is the ultimate way to fulfill the mitzvah (mehadrin min hamehadrin). It is quite likely people had not lit in the ultimate fashion for years - or perhaps, never since the ...


Rambam answers in his introduction to Mishneh Torah that Bal Tosif isnt violated since megilah doesnt purport to be Biblical, but rather is clearly rabbinic. "He is not saying that the Holy One, blessed be He, commanded us to make an eruv or read the Megillah at its [appointed] time. Were he to say so, he would be adding to the Torah. Instead, we are ...


The MT is much more than a halacha sefer; at least more than what we generally call halacha. Most of the first book; sefer hamada comprises "laws" outside of the normal definition of halacha, and in more than a few places he takes the opportunity to go on moral or philosophical tangents. For example his hilchos talmud Torah is clearly intended to inspire ...

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