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Artscroll's סידור יצחק יאיר is a good choice, as a good, complete siddur with a clear print. It is the standard siddur used in most shuls. You can buy them in practically any Jewish book store, or online (for example, here). There is a pocket-sized edition of the siddur. (Note: this siddur is nusach Ashkenaz; the Artscroll nusach Sefard equivalent is the ...


I have not seen any all-inclusive siddur that includes everything you need - i.e. - every possible prayer for every day of the year including all the complete service (piyuttim) said for all the Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur prayers. If you have seen the "combo" Birnbaum Rosh Hashannah / Yom Kippur High Holiday machzor (no longer in print), it was hefty. As ...

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