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Just for redundancy's sake, I'm included here a citation from מדרש רבה on ויחי that clearly shows that a messianic candidate is disqualified by death: ויפול רוכבו אחור יחזרו דברים לאחוריהם לפי שהיה יעקב אבינו רואה אותו וסבור בו שהוא מלך המשיח כיון שראה אותו שמת אמר אף זה מת לישועתך קויתי ה See Menachem Kasher's תורה שלימה for parallel midrashim.


As far as I understand the subject, the Rebbe did not teach the idea that he would be considered up to this day as fulfilling the halachic status of "Moshiach with certainty". The idea that he met the criteria to be considered "presumed to be Mosiach" is in keeping with the Rebbe's teaching. The Rebbe did not teach that Halacha was to be understood in any ...


See Bereishis Rabboh 98 where Yaakov Ovinu thought that Shimshon would be Moshiach.When he saw that he died, he said: "This one also died (i.e. and therefore can't be Moshiach)? Liyeshuoscho Kivisi HaShem"


See Gil Students tremendous treatment entitled "Can The Rebbe Be Moshiach?" In Chapter Five called What Counter-proofs can be Brought? Rabbi Student brings the arguments that many meshichist lubavitchers use to argue that the Lubavitcher rebbe was/is/will be Moshiach. From the beggining of the chapter: There are two types of proofs that are brought ...


As one meshichister told a friend of mine, The Rambam explicitly says 'if he is killed'. Dying comfortably of old age or sickness doesn't fit the bill. Disclaimer: the views posted are not the views of the poster.


Rabbi Hillel of Sklov, a student of the Gaon of Vilna, wrote Kol Hator based on the Gaon's teachings. This answer is based more on the title of the question than its content. The Gaon considered King Cyrus, the two Hebrew midwives in Egypt, and others are considered to be on a divine mission, a mission of Moshiach ben Yosef. I can't explain it very well, ...


I'm going to answer this question indirectly. I have had discussions with several Lubavitchers who have come up with some compelling (to them) reasoning how the Rebbe זצ"ל can be Moshiach, which leads inexorably to the conclusion that he must be Moshiach. I'm not going to attempt to express the arguments here, even though you have asked for them, because I ...


Nitai Gavriel (Pesach Vol 3 Chapter 57) brings several Pesach Sheni customs. Among them: To increase in Simcha (source: the Chida) To read the parsha of Pesach Sheni and learn its Halachos (source: The Shalo). To read the Parsha of the Nesi'im (source: The Shalo). To visit the grave of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNeis in Teveria (this is a sefardi custom sourced ...

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