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A search online shows that funeral homes' giving out calendars is not a Jewish thing. (And the question of why funeral homes in general give out calendars is off-topic on this site.)


A calendar is important for the dead - this way the living can figure out when their Yarzheit is, and say Kaddish and learn as a Zechus for the Neshama.


Non-Jews can come to the service at the cemetery to honor the person. So I would presume they can come be in the cemetery as long as they ask at the front for any respectful instructions (such as walkable areas.) Non-Jews as well as Jews visit the famous graves of patriarchs and matriarchs in Israel. Hope that helps.


The Sefer Ginzei Kodesh perek 15:7 writes that from the plain reading of the Shulchan Aruch in Yoreh Deah 282:10 it is written etzel Talmid Chacham but not buried with. It seems that shaimos should be buried next to, not with.Then he writes that the Minhag today is to bury it next to the cemetery.

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