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The Pri Migadim says this is the custom, and suggests it is for man and woman, pointing to Eliya Rabba, who explains what that means: A man has 248 limbs, a woman 252. נר (candle) is 250, so 250 times 2 equals the number of limbs in man and woman combined. The Eliya Rabba brings this as an alternative reason for two candles on Shabbos. There the Eliya Rabba ...


I personally asked this question to Rav Avigdor Nebenzahl former Chief Rabbi of the Old City. He told me that one should light a flashlight (one with a filiment in the bulb, not LCD) and may even make a brocha on it. He also said it should be placed in the front pocket of the seat. And after a half hour it may be turned off. He also noted that the lights ...

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