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According to Rabbi Shlomo Fisher on ohr.edu, someone flying is exempt from lighting, because the rule is one candle per household ("נר איש וביתו;" Shabbos 21b); and if there's no one at home then there is no obligation to light.


This, according to Halachipedia: A wedding on Chanukah If the wedding takes place at night then the groom fulfills his obligation with the lighting in his father's house which took place before the wedding. [35] If the wedding takes place during the day before sunset, the groom [...] doesn't fulfill his obligation with the lighting in his ...


A shiur by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz that I listened to recently, but can't seem to find just now, notes that one option, recommended by Rabbi Baruch Simon, is that the person can light a flashlight on the plane. It has batteries present, so that is better than the usual electric menorah which relies on a power source that is not present (a power plant far ...

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