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http://kiddushhachodesh.com/ has many videos decently done.


It is no coincidence. The Modern Jewish Calendar with its formal rules was set by Maimonides in 1178 CE. The Epoch was set at October 7 3761 BCE whereas the creation was September 11 3760, which is 339 days earlier. The Talmudic rabbis are and have been for many centuries, devoted to Gematria and subjectively significant numerical concordances. This is ...


Essentially the simplest answer is that, at the time of the Manna, they were told then "Today is Friday, gather double and save over because tomorrow is Shabbat and you won't find". (Beshalach). So with the Manna cycle it became "known" which day actually was Shabbat and once that happened the Jews have kept a record of it ever since and therefore in the ...


At the very least, from the parsha of מן in parshas Bishalach chapter 16 the days of Friday and Shabbos were clear. This was pre- Har Sinai.


There is a medrash that Moshe Rabbeinu, while still a prince in Egypt convinced Par'o that he could get more work out of Bnai Yisrael by giving them a day off. When he was put in charge, he made that day off the same as the already established Shabbas. Another point is that the commandment uses the hai hayediah (definitive "the") this implies that the ...


According to the Sefer Hakuzri people all over the world have the same seven day week. This would show that it began somewhere out of the Torah. There might be a pocket of people that made themselves another system but that almost proves the rule, that they purposely tried to change. The people of China and India were not influenced by the Torah to change ...

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