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Although the names of the months and angels were brought up from Bavel, as is brought in the yerushalmi, rosh hashanah 1 2, and pointed to in tosafos rosh hashana 7a, the point i haven't seen mentioned but seems very important is that the olei gola returned to Eretz Yisroel from Persia, the conquerors of Babylon. The Persians used a solar calendar and most ...


From One of Rabbi Edley's articles: In the Mechilta (Shemot 20; 8) (The commandment stating to "Remember the day of Shabbat") it states: Rabbi Yitzchak says, ‘Don’t count like the others count, rather you should count for Shabbat’. The explanation is that non-Jews count the days of the week with names, each day has its own name, either names of heavenly ...


It is the year 8222 , in hebrew time since Adam . 2448 years passed before Exodus . Today is July 4 2014 7 Tammuz 5774 or 8222 from Adam On March 28 2017 Isreal will be 1 1 5777


This is the only occurrence of that phenomenon in the 247-year cycle. Source: the table in the Tur, hilchos rosh chodesh.


For many centuries (during the time of the Talmud), Jews used a secular calendar system. Dating based on the 'Creation of the World' only starting in the Medieval period. From "Comparative Jewish Chronology" by Rabbi Simon Schwab: In the spirit of the aforesaid, a new light is shed on the strange fact that - soon after Ezra and Nehemia - a new method ...


There’s a Rabbi Frand tape on it. It appears that in the Chasam Sofer’s world, the standard Jewish custom had been to write only the Hebrew date on a tombstone, and then some progressives wanted to include the Gregorian date — he railed against that change. But that was that particular application. Apparently there are documents and letters from the Chasam ...


Dinonline has an extensive essay on this issue. In short, the Tzitz Eliezer and Yabia Omer allow the writing of the secular date, but mention that the Jewish date is preferred when possible. They do have different ideas on how to write it out (see article for details). The Maharam Schik, on the other hand, was against such a practice (I remember learning ...


this is a discussion in the gemara in taanith 29b,

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