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According to the CRC "Mushrooms – Fresh mushrooms must be rinsed and a cursory inspection is needed. Portabella mushrooms should have the brown under part removed. All dried and frozen without any added kosher sensitive ingredients are acceptable. Canned or jarred mushrooms must have a reliable hashgacha." Source: ...


The way to go is to cut the shroom into slices (including the stem) and to check if they have needle-size brown tunnels. Also good to know - there is no need to peel the shroom.


The OU has the following guidelines for strawberries. STRAWBERRY Type of insect: Aphids, thrips or mites Location of insect: Under the green leaf or on the surface of the berry Method of Inspection: Green tops must be removed. Alternatively, strawberries may be brushed between the leaf and the berry. Soak in soapy solution, then ...


See this article. I'm assuming that you mean fresh (raw, unfrozen) strawberries. If one wants to eat the strawberries whole: Peel off the entire outer layer of the berry (including deep cracks and the place where the leaf is attached). Rinse well after peeling From the phrasing as well as the illustration, it seems that this needs to be done ...

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