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Orach Chaim 673:1 permits all types of wax. I think the reason some use beeswax as opposed to paraffin is due to the nicer light, less dripping, longer lasting, better quality of beeswax candles. http://www.hiveandhoneyapiary.com/beeswaxvsparaffin.html


The Sefer Nitei Gavriel Perek 20:5:note 12 writes that many people use wax for the shamash. The sources include the Hagaos Maharil,Minhagei Chabad pg 275 since the name wax in Hebrew has connotations to the Holy Names, and besides for the reason it produces a nice light there are kabbalistic reasons as well ,see Magen Avraham siman 288:3 also mentions the ...


See Leviticus 11:29. Animals that walk on four paws, with their bodies clearly high off the ground (e.g. a dog or cat), have carcasses that would make you "ritually impure." The only smaller animals with this property are the seven "creepy-crawlies" listed there, e.g. a mole or mouse. So if you killed a mole or mouse and then touched it (or touched a dead ...

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