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Some useful rules of thumb: If if moves, it's a bug. If it has legs,it's a bug. If it is asymmetrical, it's probably not a bug. My guess is that it's just sugar. In the future, you can keep the dates in the freezer if you're worried about them getting buggy. -Rebbetzin HaQoton


According to the Kof-K's bug checking guide if webbing or seedy substance is seen, worms may be present. What you are describing does not sound like webbing or seedy substance so I would say it is not a problem.


the purpose of nature is to provide a misleading appearance that the world carries itself. Therefore, when nature was created, with it came the loopholes for interpreting the world according to the view that the universe always carried itself. Even though, it was 5 minutes old, Adam looked like a 30 year old man. Likewise, the light from stars millions of ...


Mosquitoes exist to feed the bats. All animals have a place in the food-chain.


Yishai left a comment with a link to an article, in which the Lubavitcher Rebbe remarks that the mosquito is a creature that only takes, and doesn't give.... The mosquito does serve somewhat as a giver, the Rebbe explained. Its contribution is the lesson it provides for us. The mosquito is the one who teaches us the very concept that to be a G-dly ...


This is adressed in the Tiferes Yisroel on Avos, ch. 4 mishna 3, oisios 20 & 21. The mishna says ואל תהי מפליג מכל דבר, don't be seperated from anything. The T.Y. explains this to mean not to question any of Hashems creations and to assume there is a good reason for them, even if we don't know the reason. He singles out the fly the gnat and snakes and ...


Rabbi David Ribiat in his 39 Melachos page 863 says that since mosquitoes are too elusive to be captured easily, therefore they may not be trapped on Shabbos. However, Daily Halacha | Congregation IKLF | 235 N. Main Street | Spring Valley | NY | 10977 says it would be permitted to trap if a child or an adult would suffer an allergic reaction. ...

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