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The Talmud in Chaggiga 3a says that Avraham was the first convert. Tosfos there ties that in with being circumcised. There are other opinions of when this started (such as when he recognized G-d). Here is a slew of sources which discuss this concept, including several that explicitly link the Talmud in Nedarim 31a with conversion and draw the conclusion ...


Yosef made this rule two years into the hunger. That is the same time the brothers came. Perhaps the rule was after they came. And an even more intriguing approach is that he didn't literally show them a body part, but rather proved to them, and showed them that he is Mahul, precisely with this ruling.


The Taz asks this question in his Divrei Dovid and answers that Yosef had not actually attempted to have the Egyptians circumcise themselves, he was merely proving to them to what extent they were required to heed his every command. Then afterwards there was no circumcision carried out.

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