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Ok. Heres another answer. This one is good. The egyptians hated millos and people who had them. It was a cherpa to them. For a person to happily show his milla would be a proof that he is a 'Mahul' and not just a person missing his foreskin.


I found a possible answer. There is a general rule that one cannot ask questions on midrashim.(Rambam, Guide For the Perplexed, p. 15) and it is based on the fact that some, probably most, midrashim are not factual. but rather educational vehicles for teaching us philosophical or spiritual idea/s, or how to act properly (sometimes writing anachronistically ...


If the brothers knew about it, they would have known the reason - that they were forced to do it in order to obtain food. Yosef, as the second in command, would not have been forced due to his position (giving out the food to everyone else). So the fact that he was circumcised would have had to have been for a different reason. ברוך שכוונתי וכו


Kli Yakar explains that one who has relations with an Aramis (gentile) his Orla gets stretched (Moshcha Orloso). He wanted to show the brothers that he is the same Tzadik and did not sin while he was in Egypt.


Just a guess, but probably the wound having healed from childhood would look very different than an adult's fresh one.


For conversion too, circumcising oneself is acceptable. Avodah Zarah 10b: There was once a Caesar who hated the Jews. One day he said to the prominent members of the government. 'If one has a wart on his foot, shall he cut it away and live [in comfort] or leave it on and suffer discomfort?' To which they replied: 'He should cut it away and live in ...


Avraham Avinu did it himself so clearly its ok furthermore the Chasam Sofer on parshas naso brings a proof from hilchos sotah, that despite her hair being uncovered the kohen is permitted to read the parshas sotah to her, he explains that since this is the "derech hamitzvah" it is not called halachic ervah. so too by the milah, the eiver can be uncovered.

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