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I can't speak for Breslov but chasidi chabad is intended for all Jews to learn. The Tanya is a very important work and can and will help anyone who learns it with their avodas Hashem.


This is a personal Hashkafah question IMHO. Certainly most Lubavitchers and Breslevors would emphatically say it is good for everyone to read their seforim ! :) The best approach is to choose a path in self development within Torah that really speaks to your soul. In other words, it is better for you to learn seforim that inspire you to live as a better ...


Yes, at least for some non-Lubavitch, non-Breslov people. The proof is from the myriad great Torah scholars who cannot reasonably be described as Lubavitch or Breslov but who quote their books. As just one example, Mishna B'rura extensively cites the Shulchan Aruch of the first Lubavitcher rebbe.

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