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The Shomrei Emunim Rebbe in his sefer Taharos Hakodesh says that it was revealed to Rav Nachman from Heaven that the 10 psalms are for rectifying involuntary nocturnal emissions. Which kinds of sounds like it excludes other possibilities.


Just to clarify: one is causing a rift by going to the husband and saying your wife is wonderful!, while simultaneously going to the wife and saying your husband is awful!. The result is that he really wants her, while she really doesn't want him. That's a recipe for disaster.


There are two parts in this sentence. May be that the combination of the two is the problem. "והולך אל האשה ומגנה את בעלה בעיניה". if he make the beautifying more reciprocal: "והולך אל האשה ומייפה את בעלה בעיניה ", so all will be good. But our man is siding with the women and reinforce it to hate her husband, demonstrate a lack of empathy for the husband ...

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