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r' moshe Feinstein in his responsa "iggros moshe" (exact source will be brought very soon! sorry!!) says that one may not, even for a rabbinic obligation, the reason being that the torah (and chazal) require a "ma'aseh achila" which only takes effect on a k'zayis, only once you have a ma'aseh achila of a k'zayis can other foods be used to complete a shiur of ...


from: http://thehalacha.com/wp-content/uploads/Vol3Issue6.pdf Bread may be used for any purpose as long as it is not used in a disrespectful manner and the bread will not be ruined by what you are doing to it.7 One should not pass a cup of wine over a piece of bread because the wine may fall on the bread and make it uneatable. Similarly, one should ...

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