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There seems to be no known source for feeding the fish at Tashlich. As already noted, those who mention it then to be opposed to it. But the fact is that it is mentioned - and its origins seem to be almost as old as the Minhag of Tashlich. Regarding feeding the fish at Tashlich we could learn from the Aruch HaShulchan's opinion regarding feeding the birds ...


In the seffer haminhagim of the Maharil, the source of tashlich quoted in the Ramma end of siman 583, he mentions in hilchos Rosh Hashana ois 9 when going to tashlich on Rosh Hashana to be carefull not to take food along so as not to feed the fish, which people would do for fun while they were there. It has been proposed that this seemingly innocent act of ...

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