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See gra on shir hashirim 1, 3 who explains that akum'z are able to assimilate the kedushah of torah shebichsav but not torah shebaalpeh. Therefore at best you would be left with literalistic views of right, wrong and self-sacrifice if you absorbed the lessons in that website.


There are several factors to be considered to determine whether or not Harry Potter would be liable to prosecution under the witchcraft clause. Is he Jewish? Regarding his Jewishness, as noted the evidence suggests he is Christian, although this does not preclude him from theoretically being descended from Jews (especially given Rowling's statement that ...


Sifrey is a plural. You can see in Rishonim that they quote The Mechilta DeRashbi also as "Sifrey". סתם ספרי רבי שמעון (Sanhedrin 86a) Rav wrote Sifra and Sifrey. Sifre is generally according to RaShBY opinion. see here in wikipedia. The main book (the largest) is on Vaykra, it is Called "The" book, Sifra. Sifrey, the remaining books of Rav on Bamidbar, ...

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