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A couple of options that have worked for me in the past: Ebay is your friend. I'm currently seeing a few dozen single volumes for sale there, although obviously the selection will fluctuate. I've had good luck getting single volumes at used book sales and used book stores. Stores that focus exclusively on new books won't be much help here. What metro area ...


Online you can contact http://www.jewishusedbooks.com/ which sells individual volumes. In Lakewood there is a Sefarim store in the basement of the Capital Hotel that sells used Sefarim and sells many individual volumes.


If you live in NYC, Beigeleisen (sp?) on 16th avenue in Brooklyn, and the other store two doors down from them (forget the name) both sell used sefarim out-of-set.


Birkhot Shamayim by Rabbi Yosef Dweck provides an index of what Berachot to make on which foods, and the Sephardi laws of Berakhot.

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