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Edit : I hope 'tis close to the question now Not from the Torah but close enough. R' Asher Pesachim Perek 2 Siman 26 אפילו הכי לא הדר ביה ומחמיר על עצמו היה לשמור מצה של מצוה משעת קצירה. וכן משמע דחומרא בעלמא הוא מדקאמר מר בריה דרבינא מנקטא ליה אימיה בארבי משמע דאיהו לבד היה מחמיר וכל שאר החכמין לא נהגו כן Even so, [Rava] didn't change his opinion ...


They had money and there were various merchants travelling through the desert with whom they traded. Obviously these merchants who have particularly made an effort to travel towards them to sell as they knew they were willing buyers. Although the people ate Manna as their daily staple, there were also meal offerings offered in the Mishkan and so they needed ...

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