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The letters בגד כפת have two versions, one with Dagesh and one without. It gets a Dagesh after a closed syllable, or in the beginning of a word. In this instance, the previous word ends with an open syllable. Therefore the פ does not receive a Dagesh. What of many instances where we see a word-initial פ receive a Dagesh where the previous word ended with ...


God gives this instruction - "בא אל פרעה" - to Moshe preceding three of the Plagues: Frogs (Shemot 7:26), Dead Animals (Shemot 9:1), and Locusts (Shemot 10:1 - your question). According to R' Samson Raphael Hirsch's scheme for understanding the purposes of the Plagues, laid out in his commentary on 7:15, these three plagues, each the second in a group of ...


The verse says "from the firstborn of Paro who sits on his throne to the firstborn of maid who is behind the millstones", thus implying that anyone greater than Paro's son, i.e. Paro himself, was exempt from the plague.


Following the כללי רש"י from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, this is the way it appears to me. Rashi's initial question is, since he previously established that the Makkos were 7 days each, with 21 days of warnings, the immediate question here is why is this makka only 3 days? He then answers that there were two three day periods of different types [one in this ...

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