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Luach Hahalachos Uminhagim - 5771 page 30 - note 13 says this is based on the Chayai Adam 139:5 & Elef Hamagain 40 Chayai Adam 139:5 says that one should say תכתב ותחתם לאלתר לחיים טובים Elef Hamagain 40 says one should add Ulishilom


The word shem (name) means the essence of an item. Thus we see when Adam gave "names" to the animals he recognized their essences and integrated them into his view of the world. Thus, just as the entry into the bris was because of the essence of the mitzvah and not any external influence, so too should the other main mitzvos and critical moments of life ...


Once birkat hamazon has been said, the blessing on the drink is no longer valid, so a fresh blessing has to be made on the remaining portion of the drink; that in turn requires borei nefashos. (information provided in now deleted comments under question)


Strawberries are not a "tree" -- it's not the same plant producing new fruit. So we say "for the fruit of the ground." Plants that scientists say produce fruit each year but grow very low to the ground -- such as cranberries -- are "fruit of the ground" according to common Ashkenazic practice, although the Talmud sounds like they should be "fruit of the ...


Usually, anything made with flour (other than bread) takes the before-bracha for flour: "mezonos". So, apple pie is made of flour (crust), apples, and sugar, and a usual size serving of apple pie takes the "mezonos" before-blessing. See, for example, http://berachot.org/foods/letter_a.htm for apple strudel or apple pie. The after-bracha for a perogi ...


The Mishna (Brachot 9:3) lists building a new house right alongside buying new clothes, and thus (as ruled in ShA OC 223:3-5), if the house is just for you you should recite a Shehechiyanu blessing, and if the house is shared with others you'd recite HaTov VeHaMeitiv, just as you would with new clothes. (Of course you should CYLOR to verify how this Halacha ...

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