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Shulchan Aruch O.C. 448:5 rules that chometz which is found in your home after Pesach, even if you nullified it, is forbidden. The Tur there (cited by Magen Avraham and Taz) explains that we are worried that a person will say he nullified it even if he didn't. This isn't a problem for those crumbs that you don't want anyways. But for that box of cheerios ...


The original practice of Bittul (Pesachim 6b) was for after one searched for and found all Chametz, and essentially we are left a concern that maybe he will find something small on Pesach that he missed, essentially saying "that too is as irrelevant as dust." It does not help for a locked away closet full of Chametz. That being said, as a Torah matter, it ...


Shulchan Aruch HaRav (OC 431:4) writes that the Chachamim don't allow you to retain Chametz on your property during Pesach for two reasons: 1) You may not mean it when you say it is hefker and 2) you may forget and go eat it. So if you are going to keep Chametz in your closet over Pesach, hefker won't be enough, it has to be sold. Selling Chametz is a much ...


The formulation for bitul chametz is is כל חמירא וחמיעא דאיכא ברשותי, דחזיתיה ודלא חזיתיה, דבערתיה ודלא בערתיה, לבטיל ולהוי הפקר כעפרא דארעא" Significant amounts of chametz cannot be nullified since it wouldn't realistically be possible to see it as "dust."

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