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I asked my LOR and he showed me the mishnah in trumos (Perek 5 Mishnah 8) which is the original source of the machlokes. If 1 piece of chulin falls into a 100 pieces of chulin, it is batel. If a second piece of trumah falls in, then there is a machlokes as to whether it was now considered 2 in a 100 (1 in 50) and asur or 1 in 101 and batel again. This ...


AFAIK that kitniyot is nullified in a majority is universally agreed upon. The Rama (OC 453:1) writes that we do not forbid a mixture into which kitniyot fell, and the Mishna Berura there notes that obviously this means that there must be at least a majority of non-kitniyot and that if any piece of kitniyot is visible (nikkar) one must pick it out.

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