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There are 2 questions here. 1. Why isn't Birkat HaTorah an integral part of the Hagada? The first question is easy to answer. At the time when the Hagada was redacted, (about 1,800 years ago), it was assumed that everybody followed Halacha, and had therefore already prayed Shacharit, which includes Birkat HaTorah. But surely there were excpetions? We ...


Rav Moshe Einstadter of Cleveland, Ohio told me that for several years he actually switched to saying pesukim from Eicha, and Mishnayos and Gemara related to mourning. He switched back after some time. Rav Ezra Neuberger (Rosh Kollel of Kollel Avoads Levi of Ner Israel) explained that these segments are not arbitrary, or just happen to be conveniently ...

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