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A friends of mine who is a Kohen told me that he once ended up in Washington Heights for Yom Tov and showed up at Breuer's (German minhag) on Yom Tov morning. The Gabbai asked him if he was a Kohen, and after answering affirmatively, the Gabbai sighed, and called over another Kohen to give him a quick lesson in how the tune goes. Apparently, in addition to ...


Rabbi Israel Isserlein ruled (Terumat HaDeshen 26) that the Kohanim may only use one tune for the entire duration of the blessings lest they come to make a mistake in saying the words properly. This ruling is codified in Shulchan Aruch (OC 128:21). Presumably, agreeing beforehand on a tune to use would be a wise idea.

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