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A friend of mine is a friend of the Eliyashiv family. He spoke to Rabbi Binyamin Eliyashiv, who said that only two portraits hung in the apartment -- one of the Rav's grandfather, the Lashem, zt'l, and the other of his father-in-law, Rabbi Aryeh Levin, zt'l. My contact did not show the video to Rabbi Binyamin, but he did show it to rabbaim at Teferes ...


According to Wikipedia he is buried in a cave on Har Hazeisim בספרות התקופה מתוארת הלווייתו וקבורתו במערה בהר הזיתים.‏ בספרו תולדות חכמי ירושלים מתאר אריה לייב פרומקין מערה זו, הכוללת כוכים רבים ועליהם כתובות עם שמות העולים הקבורים שם.‏


On p 510 of The Yizkor Book For Premishlan there is an article (mainly stories) in Yiddish about Rabbi Yitzhak Izaik ben Yaakov haLevi who came from a village near Premishlan called Zorovitz. There it describes that he lived his life as an unknown figure whose scholarship and piety were not known to the people around him. They thought of him as an oddball. ...


Per Wikipedia he is a Chasid of Ger from birth. He learned in the Yeshivas of Lucerne and Gateshead. He is married to the daughter of R' Yosef Lubinsky from Antwerp (known as the Chantshin Rabbi). He moved to Yerushalayim after his marriage and learned with R' Eliezer Shlomo Schick and R' Nissan Dovid Kivak. He is also close to R' Tzvi Hirsh Rosenbaum ...


His father is Rabbi Naftali Kaplan big tzadik. he used to give a shiur at ohr somayach in jerusalem. lives in bayit vegan. teaches somewhere else now. very busy and difficult to speak to. he has a fax. dont have the number though you can try to contact Rabbi Kaplan through the email at the site. although he does not use email nor read english!. his ...


A simple google search yielded: This This and this book This in Hebrew and this in Hebrew


Rabbi Naftoli Kaplan lived in Baltimore and was a Rebbi in Yeshivas Ner Israel before moving to Israel. I was a talmid of his there in the 60's. While I can't recall if I ever witnessed him reading English, I assume he certainly can read English as he lived in the US. Kol Tuv

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