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All sacrifices are, as explained by the ibn Ezra and quoted by the Ramban, to envision giving yourself up entirely to Hashem. In your place you send something from your possessions, and as you watch the whole Avoda you picture it being done to yourself. The theme behind all Mitzvos is that although we stress the importance of thought and heart, when we put ...


All Kosher animals were sacrificed beforehand. Rashi mentions in נח that the reason the Kosher animals were 7 and not 2 was so that נח should bring a Korban from them. Avraham obviously had to be Koneh the ram (from Hefker) because a Korban has to be your own. Otherwise it is not an offering. אם ארעב לא אומר לך.


The Mishna in Avot (chapter 5) lists the Ram as being created especially for being sacrificed by Abraham, and so it didn't belong to anyone. This opinion is also brought by Rashi on Gen. 22:13. Radak, on the other hand, says that it probably belonged to someone and that, if Abraham would have found that man, he would pay him for the ram, since you can't ...

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