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Radak (Y'sha'ya 28:4) comments that ציץ is the masculine form and ציצית is the feminine form: נזכר בלשון זכר ציץ ובלשון נקבה ציצית The Zohar (Sh'lach 174b) likewise notes this. The Zohar understands this connection as representing a kabbalistic dichotomy where ציצית represents the feminine aspects of Creation and the physical world while the ציץ ...


There are minor pieces subject to tearing (like the techeles strands of the tzitz and the ephod), but those are easily replaced and aren't intrinsic to the remainder of the beged. Most of the other begadim of the Kohen Gadol contain metal strands or are actually made of metal, making them difficult to "tear" - you would have to cut them. The other begadim ...

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