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The Rashbam translates לנסותכם as bothering. Hashem put them through the grind. They never had physical insurance of food for the next day, and they had to collect an exact amount. People usually don't appreciate war time rations. This was to see if they'll follow, and trust in, Hashem.


Please read the verse in context: The Jews are leaving the camp every day to gather manna. They're told that there will be no manna on Shabbat, gather double on Friday. "Everyone should stay in their place on Shabbat." I.e. don't gather manna! The Talmud says this means two things: A.] Don't carry in a public thoroughfare. B.] Don't walk far beyond the ...


We don't decide practical rules from our own reading of the text of the Pentateuch. There have been millennia of exegesis, expounding, debates, and decisions by those wiser than us in the ways of the Torah to guide us. The rule of not going far has specific parameters, and there has been much ink spilled on that topic. Likewise the requirement to attend ...

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