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It was hidden with the Aron (Ark of the Covenant) and some other things near the end of the first Temple by Yoshiyahu (King Josiah). Source: Talmud, Yoma 52b, תוספות הרא"ש על הגמרא בהוריות (יב.) , הרמב"ם (משנה תורה, הלכות בית הבחירה ד א) ‏ In the second Temple, a Kohen (a Priest-a descendant of Aharon, Moses brother) found a loose stone on the ground in the ...


No one today knows where the omer of manna is. It was presumably lost around the time of the Siege of Jerusalem, 597 BCE, although it is possible it could have been lost at other times, such as the descecration by Mannaseh. Its location today is a matter of speculation, similar to the location and fate of the Ark of the Covenant.


The Netziv in his sefer Meromei Sadeh here in his explanation of the Tosafos in Sotah 37a, explains that there was a dispute between the tribe of Yehudah and Binyamin about the best way to glorify Hashem’s name with the splitting of the sea. Yehudah held that it was better to wait and let the strong wind continue to gradually dry the sea and this would ...

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