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IMHO this is based upon the concept of "Zeh" in the mikra being connected to the principle of "mareh ba'etzbah" - see Rashi on "zeh keli ve'anvehu," "hachodesh hazeh lachem," "ba'avur zeh asah Hashem li," etc. Additionally, there is the lechatchilah obligation of being in the same location you ate your meal in. We are indicating our fulfillment of the ...


No. There are three categories of grain-based products: "Bread." Always hamotzee. "Snacky, quasi-breadlike substances." (Pas haba beKisnin.) Mezonos, but if you eat them like a meal, then hamotzee. This was the category about which you read. "Definitely not bread." Always mezonos, even if you ate ten pounds of the stuff for dinner. (Though you'd have ...

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