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Check out the hakdama of the Magen Abraham to siman קצב. Also Kaf HaChaim קפז incise 4 .


This is pretty common in old* Siddurim. You can see omitting just ועל בריתך שחתמת בבשרינו on Hebrewbooks here here here here and here and on Hebrewmanuscripts.org manuscript #747. You can see omitting that phrase plus ועל תורתך שלימדתנו on Hebrewbooks here and on Hebrewmanuscripts.org manuscript #1762. This siddur is not clear how much exactly to omit. ...


The Italian nusach Bnei Roma omits ועל בריתך שחסמת בבשרנו for women.


Okay, I do not have any Talmud or later sources, but my gut impression upon reading the Psalm is: This Psalm was written by captive Judeans, quite possibly Temple singers, using the emotional energy of their situation to do something artistic, as has been done for a long long time before and since. They did a classic, immortal job of it! It PERFECTLY ...

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