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You Bentch the same Bentching you'd normally do except without the zimmun (רבותי נברך), and if you are eating in your own house you'd say Harachaman who yivaraych osi. You can probably find this in the Artscroll Siddur, and most Bentchers.


The Kamatz-Katan version was introduced by R SZ Hanau (Shaarei Tefillah 300) by comparison with verses like Genesis 42:10. His Siddur indeed has a Makkaf. Later editions seem to have either taken the Makkaf as assumed or omitted it through ignorance. It seems the original version had the full Cholam.


Refer to DoubleAA's answer regarding the original version. It seems that originally, the usage was לשבות, and the use of the kamatz kattan with a makaf came in later. Since you questioned the general usage of the kamatz kattan by comparing it with Rashi's explanation, This site explains the general use of the kamatz katan. A Kamatz is Kamatz Katan if ...

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