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אף על פי שבית דין של שלושה, בית דין שלם הוא, כל זמן שהן רבים, הרי זה משובח Although a court of three is considered as a complete entity, whenever there are more judges, it is praiseworthy. Rambam Sanhedrin 2:13 (English)


The Otzar Beit Din is when the Beit Din pays the farmer to collect their produce for the community. The farmer is then a shaliach, and you are not buying the fruit. You're paying him for his effort. Then, when the consumer buys it, he is paying back the Beit Din, again, not buying the fruit. Otzar Beit Din, however, still has kedushat shvi'it, so it cannot ...


It would seem from the order of the Rambam in הלכות סנהדרין והעונשין המסורים להם, that only the 4 capital punishments are included. The Rambam includes the force-feeding-execution in Ch. 18 along with the laws of lashes. ד מִי שֶׁלָּקָה בְּבֵית דִּין עַל אִסּוּר כָּרֵת וְלָקָה פַּעַם שְׁנִיָּה עַל אוֹתוֹ כָּרֵת עַצְמוֹ כְּגוֹן שֶׁאָכַל חֵלֶב וְלָקָה ...

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