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While I cannot say for sure without checking it up I believe the halachah is once the beis hamikdish was built one is not allowed to bring a sacrifice anywhere else; on this planet or on another.


Yerushalmi Yoma 5:3: תני עד שלא ניטל הארון היה יוצא ונכנס לאורו של ארון משניטל הארון היה מגשש ונכנס מגשש ויוצא Translation: We learnt that before the aron was taken away, he would go in and out by the light of the aron. After the aron was taken away, he would feel his way in and feel his way out.


Second Rashi Pesachim 37a quoting Menachos 27a says that they were not allowed to be Chametz. Thanks to Rabbi David Lau for this answer.

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