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According to this source, it may be a moot point. While Rambam claims that the Third Temple will be built by Moshiach, Rashi states that Hashem has already built the Temple in the heavenly realm and it will descend to earth upon arrival of Messiah. I recall hearing somewhere that the Temple will be made of some form of impermeable metal, suggesting it will ...


The Gemoro (Yoma 22a) answers your question: והא מעיקרא מאי טעמא לא תקינו לה רבנן פייסא? מעיקרא סבור כיון דעבודת לילה היא לא חשיבא להו ולא אתו. כיון דחזו דקאתו ואתו לידי סכנה תקינו לה פייסא. ‏ Asks the Gemoro: So why didn't they do Pias originally (for who would do Trumas Hadeshen)? Answers the Gemoro: Originally they assumed that since it was ...


Rav Yaakov Kamenetzky (Emmes leYa'akov Parshas Bo, page רעא of the new edition) discusses this question. He writes (and if I remember well there is a Malbim who writes so too) that Yechezkel's Beth Hamikdash was meant to be final one. If the Jewish people during the Babilonian exile would have lived up to the level G'd wanted them to, they indeed would have ...


The Tosfos Yom Tov in his introduction to Maseches Middos mentions that this explanation of Rashi is taken from a Medrash, but he doesn't indicate where that Medrash is.

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