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How about Yoav (Melachim I, 2:29)? He goes into "Ohel Hashem" (literally translated as Tabernacle in some places), and holds onto the "horns of the altar". Yoav was not a cohen (relative of King David), and if I'm not mistaken, neither is the guy who is sent in after him (Binayahu Ben Yehoyada). Also, in similar vein you've got Adoniah (Melachim I 1:50), ...


The Beis Yosef (O.C. 48:1 s.v. ויש נהגין) asks this question, and answers essentially that "the world" sees that Abaya holds the Halacha is like Abba Shaul, and didn't want to change his order. Rabbi Chaim Zilberberg writes in his sefer, Darchei Chaim that he and his father would add in the opinion of the Rabbanan that argue with Abba Shaul in their own ...


Ⅱ Chronicles 35:11 describes non-priest levites' slaughtering[1] and skinning sacrificial animals. [1] according to the commentary of M'tzudas David inter alia


Dafdigest for Eruvin 105. I have extracted parts of the article which speaks about workers working in the Temple on the plating which was fastened on the walls of the Kodesh Kodoshim. The inside walls of this special chamber were plated with gold panels, which were attached to the walls by artisans and workmen (see Mishnah Middos, 4:1,5). If we do ...

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