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in the Sifra (Behar): יכול אף על פי שלא השרישו? תלמוד לומר שש שנים תזרע שדך... ואספת ששה זרעים וששה אסיפים לא שישה זרעים ושבעה אסיפים To understand the Midrash Tanaim, I looked in the commentary of Rabbi Aaron Iben Chaim - called "Korban Haaron" (Lived in Fez about four hundred and fifty years) the book is strongly recommended. The Sifra ask: Can we ...


There is certainly a derasha, as given in the other answer. But on a peshat level, there is also a straightforward answer. It is beautiful and poetic. And it resonates. There is a certain Biblical style here, carried through in the next phrases and in the next verses. This is carried out by meter, syllable count, by parallelism, and repeated syntactic ...

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