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The "birthright" as used here that went to Yoseph is the "double portion". The Artscroll commentary on Reuven cites Targum Yonasan as pointing out that there were three items that had been originally given to the first born. Rashi says: you do not deserve to serve in the superior positions that were designated for you. Targum Yonatan says: But ...


From Wikipedia: If a firstborn attending a siyum does not hear the completion of the tractate, or if he does not understand what he hears, or if he is in the shiva period of mourning and is thus forbidden from listening to the Torah material being taught, some authorities rule that subsequent eating would not qualify as a seudat mitzvah and he would ...


Obviously, he will inherit everything so the halacha of "double" portion does not apply. However, the halacha of pidyon haben (redeeming the first born) does apply as does the custom of fasting on erev Pesach. The halacha as given in the Torah says that pidyon haben is required 30 days after the birth of the bechor. In most cases, a woman will give birth ...


I just asked 2 poskim (Rabbi Levi Gurelik and Rabbi Broin of crown hights chabad Bais din) whether my 19 year old bichore in Florida can listen to a seyum over the phone. (without telling me yes or no) They told me to tell him to learn a misechta of mishnayos ie perkai avos, and make his own seyum.

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