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Here's a quote from the Rema YD 92:7: ואם נשפך חלב או שאר איסור רותח על גבי קרקע והעמידו עליו קדירה חמה אם מה שנשפך אינו אצל האש לא הוי רק כלי שני ולכן הקדירה אסורה דבולע קצת והתבשיל מותר דתתאה גבר My Loose translation: And if [hot] forbidden fat (or any other hot forbidden food) spilled on the ground, and one put a hot pot on it, if what spilled is not ...


First of all, as most readers are probably aware, customs vary regarding exactly how long to wait between meat and dairy, and there are indeed customs that differentiate between actual meat and poultry in this regard. However, I believe that the more accepted custom is to wait the same amount of time after meat or poultry. Like in all matters of halakha, ...

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