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See Rashi, Devarim 10:6, who explains pretty much the same thing the Yerushalmi in @Fred's answer says, but adds that this was part of the rebuke that Moshe gave the Jews: And the children of Israel journeyed from the wells of B’nei Ya’akan to Moserah: What is the relevance of this here? Furthermore, did they really journey from the wells of B’nei ...


Different commentaries (such as the Ibn Ezra and the Ramban) on the verse in D'varim address the issue in different ways, but I'll produce a rough translation of the Y'rushalmi (Sotah 1:10), which discusses the two passages (please pardon any mistakes in this hasty translation): It is written (Shmuel II, 1:18): "And David eulogized this elegy… and he ...

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