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The other answers seems interesting. However, IIRC, we were advised NOT to name our 1st born son until the brit which was about 4 months after he was born. (Yes, he was a "miracle" baby who's now a miracle adult. Father's biased love, no?? I'm allowed!) The only ones confused by our policy were the non-Jewish hospital doctors and nurses. For "Mi Sheberach", ...


Sefer Asia - page 244 and page 245 brings different stories quoted by Rabbi Chaim Miller of such situations. Amongst those quoted that urged giving a name prior to a Bris in order to be able to have a name to Daven for were Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein Zatzal, The Ozorover Rabbi Zatzal, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein Zatzal, Rabbi Eliezer Man Shach Zatzal, and the ...


The reason we why we wait till the bris is to copy Hashem who gave a new name to Avraham Avinu. But technically even on the first day it is permitted


This circumstance happened to a family in my community. The baby was born with a health problem that required deferring the bris for 6 months. Their rabbi told them to name the baby following the same procedure that is followed for baby girls, simply replacing feminine pronouns in the mi shebeirach with masculine ones.

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