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Okay, I do not have any Talmud or later sources, but my gut impression upon reading the Psalm is: This Psalm was written by captive Judeans, quite possibly Temple singers, using the emotional energy of their situation to do something artistic, as has been done for a long long time before and since. They did a classic, immortal job of it! It PERFECTLY ...


From: http://www.torah.org/advanced/weekly-halacha/5762/bo.html A child should not be diapered or toilet-trained in a room full of seforim. But it is permitted to diaper or train a child in a room where there is an occasional sefer or bencher, etc.(See Machazeh Eliyahu 5-8 for an entire review of this subject. See also Teshuvos Vehanhagos 2:137.)


Rabbi Yechezkel Feinhandler in his Ginzei Kodesh perek 4:11 writes that it is assur for one to eliminate before seforim(Mordechai in shabbas 3:311,Rama siman 315:1,Mishna Brurah 40:5 )unless they are covered (machlokes how many covers are necessary ).He writes that it is permitted to urinate even if the seforim are uncovered provided that his erva is not ...

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