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Here is an excerpt from Kovetz Minhagim, An Anthology of Chabad Lubavitch customs regarding pregnancy, childbirth, circumcision, redemption of the firstborn, and the birth of girl: It is the custom of chassidim who are careful to conduct their lifestyles according to the practices of old that they conceal their wives' pregnancies until they have ...


The Ben Ish Chai Shanah Beis parshas Pinchas 13 cites from the gemara in Berachos 20a what pesukim to say to save oneself from ayin harah. He then lists other pesukim as well. See there for the lists of pesukim. Lastly, he cites the custom cites earlier by the Chidah to say Chamsah and make a palm shaped wood piece with the letter of Hashem.


This custom is much wider than the Jewish world. Most women do not widely publicize their pregnancies until the third month because the rate of, G-d-forbid, miscarriage drops significantly at week 12. By month 5, women start to show, so it becomes nearly impossible to keep it a secret. However, my wife would ream me out my if I ever lied as a response to ...

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