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It always was so in the time of the first beit hamikdash the Jews were strong. After that the Edomim were stronger and now the Edomim [Americans & Europeans] are stronger; we need to listen to their agreements.


I'll add that the Ben Ish Chai gave two reasons: Everything Yaakov said was said in ruach hakodesh, so he was required to speak in a very exact way, it wasn't just his own free way of speaking. Yaakov did say something like "my great, honored, father, teacher, etc.", but the Torah puts it down eventually as what is needed for future generations, in a ...


The following is not profound but it is the simplest answer to a simple question, that does not seem to have been clearly explicated: Abraham could serve them whatever he wanted (except for a limb torn off of a live animal) since the Torah which is interpreted as prohibiting meat cooked in milk had not yet been given. Although one will find stray ...

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