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The Lubavitcher Rebbe actually also addresses your question and specifically answers it in the same Sicha as quoted in one of the answers. Specifically, Yaakov says "Im Lavan Garti" which we know stands for Taryag. So the Rebbe explains that Rashi specifically changes the words from the Gemara in bringing it down to say "shamarti" instead of "Keeyamti". The ...


While it is true that the Torah weighs every word and that many important Halachos are learned from minute hints, the Torah doesn't shy from verbosity when something is to be learned from it. An example of this is the story of Eliezer's journey to find Rivka. The depiction of her giving him to drink is repeated three times: in his prayer, when she does it, ...


Very interesting question! However, Rashi is relying on the Midrash in Bereshit Raba (75:4): מלאכים - אלו שלוחי בשר ודם. ורבנן אמרי מלאכים ממש. Rashi interpreted as Rabanan that the meaning is actual angels, not messengers.

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