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It is no coincidence. The Modern Jewish Calendar with its formal rules was set by Maimonides in 1178 CE. The Epoch was set at October 7 3761 BCE whereas the creation was September 11 3760, which is 339 days earlier. The Talmudic rabbis are and have been for many centuries, devoted to Gematria and subjectively significant numerical concordances. This is ...


Bnei Noach cannot "keep" a mitzvah as a mitzvah. All of humanity including bnei Yisrael were commanded in the sheva mitzvot bnei Noach(the seven laws of Noah). That doesn't mean they didn't do things that were similar or maybe even exactly like mitzvot today. Things started to change with Avraham(Nedarim 31) and no longer considered bnei Noach. For ...

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