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Her name was אמתלאי בת כרנבו. ואמר רב חנן בר רבא אמר רב אמיה דאברהם אמתלאי בת כרנבו אמיה דהמן אמתלאי בת עורבתי וסימניך טמא טמא טהור טהור Bava Basra 91a (I knew it existed, but will admit to having resorted to Google to find it fast.)


I got this info from another site : " Ask the Rabbi" - it seems to have another brilliant answer ! Dov David (Bernie) May at "Ohr Samayach" at: http://ohr.edu/ask/ask294.htm


Yehuda Halevi in the Kuzari 1:47, (translated), says that there is a chain of sainted individuals from Adam, Seth and Enosh to Noah; then Shem and Eber to Abraham; then Isaac and Jacob to Moses. The chronology in Genesis, by which we date, was established through those Godly people, who were individuals among many children who fell short of such a level, ...


There was never actually a period in which GOD was not recognized. Shem and Ever were transferring the knowledge well before Avraham. Shem and Ever taught Torah to Yakov Avinu -- Rashi Bereishit 28:9. They certainly didn't learn it by themselves, but just passed the tradition which was never completely forgotten from Adam. Some say that the true meaning of ...


Plan A was that there was not supposed to be a need for a Jewish people at all. Adam was supposed to pass the test of jealousy, lust, and honor and that would have been it. He failed at all three. then humanity as a whole was given three chances to rectify these three. they failed at all three. Plan B, now it's no longer all of humanity that rectifies ...


Chanoch (Enoch) and Noach, at the very least. Chanoch, as it says: ויתהלך חנוך את-האלוהים, אחרי הולידו את-מתושלח, שלוש מאות, שנה; ויולד בנים, ובנות. ויהי, כל-ימי חנוך, חמש ושישים שנה, ושלוש מאות שנה. ויתהלך חנוך, את-האלוהים; ואיננו, כי-לקח אותו אלוהים. Bereishit 5:22-24 Noach, it is clear, as he merited to be saved from the flood. אלה, תולדות ...

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