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See Tosafos there (Pesachim 25a) which says that it's not referring to the medical aspects of the wood, buyt to its supernatural affects, which possibly brings one closer to idol worship.: חוץ מעצי אשירה. נראה לר''י דמיירי כגון שאין יכול להתרפא משאר עצים אלא בזה כגון על ידי שדים או שום דבר אחר משום דאתי למיטעי בתר ע''ז Similarly in Avoda Zara 27b ...


An Idol once worshiped continues to remain as an Idol till it is decimated. Humans,Moon are not Idols but plausible candidates for objects of Idolatry, only Idols are commanded to be destroyed e.g pagan Idols, crosses etc. Hence Idolatrous site which showcase the legacy of idolatry as if it is something to showcase then visiting such a place is sin.


Ideally it should be forbidden because by boycotting that shop at a collective level may help in creating a negative feeling against the avoda zarah and who knows they may even stop selling those items for the sake of a rich Jewish community? The store could be even selling christian Idols, crosses etc and by purchasing from them you are benefiting a store ...


The commandment of "love your neighbor as yourself" has been interpreted by some to refer only to fellow Jews, but some interpret it to mean we must love all people. See this quotation, for example, from Sefer HaBris: ...

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