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Heliocentrism or geocentrism or whatever is entirely irrelevant to halachah; at most there is a question whether certain Biblical verses or aggadic comments correspond to (current scientific understanding of) the universe as it is, or reflect the way we perceive the world, similar to the continued use of the English words “sunrise” & “sunset”. That ...


Piskei Riaz is explicit that for educational purposes this is permitted (Avodah zarah 3:11). This is besides for the opinion of the Rambam that the prohibition is only when it was made for idolatry (see Sefer HaChinuch neg. 27).


Presumably the prohibition in question would be "You shall not make for yourself a carved item or any image which is in the heaven above..." (Exodus 20:4). Rambam implies that the prohibition is only in constructing an image in order to worship it. (Sefer Hamitzvos negative commandment #2) Assuming you have no idolatrous intent it ought to be permitted. ...

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