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The double knot at the top is midoraisa. That's what fulfills the mitzvah The other knots developed and became custom. Some are based on the ari z"l and other kabbalistic sources but it doesn't matter if you have that first double knot. A bigger question would be wearing wool or cotton. http://steinsaltz.org/learning.php?pg=Daf_Yomi&articleId=2302


שרשי מנהג אשכנז by R' Rav Binyomin Shlomo Hamburger (4 vols) is a popular set on the 'Yekkishe' Minhag. While it is out of print, some stores still sell it, and a new edition is being prepared. Find out more and see sample pages at their website.


According to the Beit Yoseph, certain sirchos are kosher without any further bedika (examination). These are sircha c'sidran and sircha b'dophen tsar. An animal which has such sirchot is kosher Beit Yoseph, but is not chalak. If it has no sirchos at all, it is chalak. The Rama himself did not allow those sirchos which the Beit Yoseph allowed, in fact the ...

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