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The very influential and authoritative Ashkenazi Siddur Sfat Emet and its associated machzorim and chumash include references to two distinct major minhagim corresponding to the ones specified by ArtScroll: Polnischer Ritus (Polish rites) = נוסח פולין גדל וליטא and מנהג פולין Deutscher Ritus (German rites) = נוסח אשכנז, פיהם, ופולין קטן and מנהג ליטא and ...


First, read up on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It is very interesting and plays a big role in Jewish historiy, especially vis a vis the Russians. ליטא is Lithuania and most likely corresponds to the part south of the grey area on this map. (Polish borders were extremely dynamic) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rzeczpospolita2nar.png The two ...

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