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Essentially, a mistaken edition of the Radak was popular for a short time, leading to various changes by overzealous grammarians and confusing two very influential rabbis. See the extensive (hundreds of manuscripts/editions surveyed) documentation of Dr. Yitzchak/Jordan Penkower in Iyyunei Miqra uFarshanut, vol. 4, Bar Ilan University Press, 1997, greatly ...


Greenbeans are technically the fruit of P. vulgaris, a plant whose cultivars produce kidney beans, navy beans, and pinto beans, which are considered kitniyot in common Ashkenazi practice.


May Multiple People Say Kaddish Simultaneously? goes through a long analysis of the subject but does not come to a conclusion as to when the minhag changed. He does point out that Rav Yaakov Emden suggested it and the Chasam Sofer rejected it. Rav Yaakov Ettinger rejected the suggestion fiercely as being akin to the reform. The article states that it is not ...

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