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As @DanF comments "you need to be clothed and outside the bathroom". Rabbi Ari Enkin has an extensive discussion of how much time you have. The main opinions that he quotes are shortened below (see the article for references) According to some authorities there is actually no set time limit. The Levush discusses a situation in which one went to the ...


Yes you are allowed.Kitzur Shulchan Aruch says so. You do not repeat shema or hamapil. Sh"t Yechave data 4:21, Sh"t Tzitz Eliezer 7:27, Sh"t beer Moshe 1:63. If you forget to say maariv or kidush levana. You can wake up to say the say them both. You do not repeat the Beracha either. Do not repeat anything if you have to say asher yatzar. Normally, a yid ...

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